Sandy Bell Channeled Crystal Healing, Psychic Readings, Sunshine Coast,
Tarot Reading​
Shuffling the tarot deck, you will ask your questions, put your intention into the reading. Sandy will do a card spread and reading for you. During the half hour, you will also receive a jewellery reading, known as psychometry and channeling. Messages will come through by connection to your guides, angels and deceased love ones.
Phone Readings & Absent Healings


There is really no separation, as time and space is an Earth concept. This is why, if you are not able to make it to the Sunshine Coast, Sandy is able to provide you with an Absent Healing.


Guides, angels and deceased loved ones don't need to walk in the door with you in order to be present to share messages for you. You can be on the other side of the world and they will come to Sandy while she connects with you on the phone. From anywhere, you are able to call Sandy for a Phone Reading.

Channeled Crystal Healings


Step into the healing space, where you will intuitively choose the healing crystals that you currently need in your life and your healing session for today. Once you have laid on the table, Sandy will place the crystals on or around you for the session. During the healing, Sandy will use oils, sound vibration, aura soma and other modalities as needed.

Healing Space


Leading in from the sea breeze deck, you step into a healing retreat. Surrounded with crystals, instruments, oils and other beautiful healing tools. The energy that radiates is gentle, and the presence of spirit guidance is quietly known. Sandy has grids in the room to keep you and herself protected. Sandy keeps a healing space of light.

Within the room there is also a table for Tarot readings.

​What healing will work best for you?

What you feel you need, is what will work best for you. Follow your intuition on the Healing's page, then call Sandy.


Each session is individually tailored, allowing you to step up into your fullest potential.

Remember: As you think, so you are. As you imagine, so you become.

Group Classes
Tuesday night
Meditation & Psychic Development Group


$20 per person

Private Sessions

$70    Half hour (30min) Tarot Reading

$70    Half hour (30min) Healing
$100  1 Hour - Tarot Reading & Healing
$100  1 Hour - Channeled Crystal                                      Healing & Reading