​What healing will work best for you?

What you feel you need, is what will work best for you. Follow your intuition on the Healing's page, then call Sandy.


Each session is individually tailored, allowing you to step up into your fullest potential.

Remember: As you think, so you are. As you imagine, so you become.

Why join a group?

"Being a part of the meditation and psychic development circle over time has allowed me to make friends with people that see life the same way as me. We are all willing to be vulnerable and open to the possibilities that go beyond what we are taught in life. We have laughs, we have fun and we discover our own possibilities. It is extremely supportive. Sandy is open, honest and a pure light connected to universe. She brings such heartfelt love, joy, and an abundance of experience to each group. I am extremely grateful to be a part of this group. Come join us!"  Aloha, Natalie D.