Even as a teenager, Sandy had a love for all things spiritual. It took her on a journey of listening and learning. As it was her passion, she got deeper and deeper into spirituality and connecting with spirit. The passing of her Dad at an early age took it to another level for her and she knew it to be her life path. During her 30 years as a healer, Sandy continues to develop her skills, as she always wants the best outcome for her clients.

As Sandy travels she is offering clients "1:1 Distant Reading" and a "5 DAY HEALING" all by distance, known as an Absent Healing which is inclusive of all her gifts, skills and spiritual practises!


This is next level deep healing, guidance and Universal love coming to you.


The "5 DAY HEALING" includes Sandy's gifts of Psychic readings and healings that include Past Life clearing, Cutting cords and ties, Karmic releasing, Chakra balancing, Crystal healing, Reiki (Certified Master), Liquid Crystals (as an Advanced TLC practitioner) and clearing 7 generations before and 7 generations to come with Andara Crystals.


In 2021, this powerful healing is the only service Sandy offers as she explores new destinations with her Husband and Furbaby.

"When you meet someone from your soul tribe, you feel you already know them. "​


The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, by Annie Kagan.​

Quote of the Month



Day 1: You get to Ask any Questions or about Situations

Sandy will go into a meditative state, connect to your Guides & Higher Spirit using your name and birth date.


Sandy will create a grid especially for you, which will then be the focal point for your journey over the next 5 days.


Sandy will use a Tarot Deck and Channel a Reading to receive information for your questions. This reading will be sent to you via text message.




Days 2, 3 & 4 Intuitive Oracle Deck & Energetic Clearing.


Sandy will be intuitively drawn to a deck of cards that she will draw from and add cards to your grid.


This will be followed by a balance of your chakras.

Sandy will also clear blocks and old programs, cut cords and ties that no longer serve you. Disconnect from old vows, oaths and contracts.

Clear karmic and generational patterning and strip back including 7 generations before/ 7 generations to come.

Connect into past life blocks, gifts, to unlock your mastery /gifts you maybe holding back on.


Sandy will ask to clear consciously and subconsciously, this life or any other lifetimes anything that no longer serves you or your highest good.

She will ask that all your gifts that have been bestowed upon you from this or any other lifetimes be shown to you under grace in the perfect way and at the perfect time.


All of the above will be done EVERYDAY!!!

And EVERYDAY, you will receive a text message with the oracle card readings!!!

When do they start?

The sessions start on a Monday through to Friday.


Day 4 - On the Thursday, you get to ask any 2 questions you may have.


Day 5 - On the Friday your new questions will be answered.


Day 5 - On the Friday Sandy will connect to your Power Animals to journey forth with you and send you messages from those animals .


The 5 DAY HEALING is only $150 and limited in places of only 6 clients per week.


Call or Message to Book in and Sandy will respond when she has great internet and phone service!


All her Love & Enjoy your journey



Do you have questions you would like answered? In this reading, you provide Sandy with your Full name and Date of Birth, along with your Questions. Sandy does a complete Tarot spread and chanelled reading which she sends to your via text message.  The healing stage of this service includes balancing your chakras, disconnecting from vows, oaths, and contracts that no longer serve you. Cutting all cords and ties. Clearing the 7 generations before and the 7 generations to come. Releasing old stories, patterns and programs & anything else that comes up in the reading that needs clearing and balancing.

"An Amazing Week"

Darling Sandy

Yes it has been an amazing week. I have loved the clearing, the revelations, the guidance, the strength. The companionship. Thank you for doing this with me. I am so glad its with you. Thank you for your dedication and support. I will continue to journal and ponder and change perspective. Love you immensely. Xxxxx

"Blessings, Karmic Clearing & Profound Wisdom"

I have been seeing Sandy regularly face to face and have always been helped immensely by her extraordinary work. When I heard she was doing her healing virtually I jumped at the chance of receiving her blessings, karmic clearing and profound wisdom for 7 days, My experience in that week was nothing short of miraculous. At the beginning I was feeling stuck, out of balance and anxious, by the very next day that had started to clear and during the week the shifts, the lightness and the peace kept flowing. I was able to connect deeply to my spirit and feel so supported and joyous - it was blissful indeed. But it’s not just the feeling, the wisdom and messages that came through enable me still to stay connected to my path. My work, relationships and sense of self is so very strengthened by this work. I only wish it could happen every week!

"Advice Very Supportive"

Thanks so much for this week Sandy.

This is such a wonderful little package you have put together- it's been something for me to look forward to every morning. I love how the same messages have kept coming up through different cards and their accuracy. I've also found the advice very supportive in moving forward. Thank you, thank you, thank you Have a wonderful Sunday. Lots of love and gratitude, Catherine Xxx

"I've Been Seeing Sandy for 15 years"

Sandy is very personable and a well rounded person and spiritual heal. I have been seeing Sandy for crystal and spiritual healings for near 15 year and over the past 6 month getting 7 day healings. She has helped me to balance, grow and strengthen in my spiritual and physically life so I am able to live life to best of my ability. I would definitely recommend Sandy; she is a very gifted spiritual healer.

"I Feel Reconnected with the Divine"

Thank you Sandy for these wonderful cards and for the week of guidance, clearing, nurturing, love and connection. I truly feel so different from a week ago! I feel so much more positive, calm, confident, open and empowered. But most of all, I feel reconnected to the Divine. It's so much more easeful. It's been such a pleasure and I thank you warmly and am sending lots of love your way.

"All your Wisdom

Thank you so much Sandy, for all your wisdom shared and presence with me this week. It's been something I've looked forward to receiving in the mornings. I have lots to process and follow the energy of. I hope to have a reading with you in person one day. Lots of gratitude and love x

"Many things are Shifting"

Good evening Sandy,

I want to send you a message to express my deepest gratitude for our journey together last week. So many things are shifting. I can't put words to it just yet but i feel the subtle changes and am so very grateful. Thank you for your energy. I've missed having you pop up in my messages each day and am already looking forward to the next time our paths cross. All my love xx

"I feel supported & have some action"

Hello Sandy! Thank you!!

I've been with my kids ll weekend so haven't fully absorbed these last couple of days. Thank you for the readings. It's been wonderful for me. I feel supported and have some action. I will definitely review all of this again many time and use them to help keep me moving forward. These have inspired hope and supported my path. I already fell change. I fell lighter and more energised. Oh and those crows! Been at me for a couple of years! Now I know what they have been getting at :)  Keep well and I'll be in touch again.